United Bank of India Ltd. came into existence in 1950 with the merger of four banks and was nationalized in 1969. During that time it boasted of 174 branches, Rs. 147 crores of deposits and Rs. 112 crores of advances, today the Bank is 100% CBS enabled with more than 1650 branches and offices and is having a Total business of more than Rs 1.5 lac crore. Presently the Bank has a Three-tier organizational set-up consisting of The Head Office, 33 Regional Offices and The Branches. UBI played a significant role in the spread of banking services in different parts of the country, more particularly in Eastern and North-Eastern India. UBI has sponsored 4 Regional Rural Banks (RRB) one each in these states. These four RRBs together have over 1000 branches. United Bank of India has contributed 35% of the share capital/additional capital to all the four RRBs in four different states. UBI is also known as the ‘Tea Bank’ because of its age-old association with the financing of tea gardens. It has been the largest lender to the tea industry. Operations of all the branches have since been computerized and Electronic Fund Transfer System came to be implemented in the Bank’s branches across the country. The Bank has more than 750 ATMs all over the country and customers can use United International Debit Card at all VISA ATMs across the globe. UBI is a member of banking codes and standards of India (BCSBI)