1. The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was called

A) Abacus

B) Processor

C) Calculator

D) Analytical Engine

2. The motherboard is the

A) circuit board that houses peripheral devices

B) same as the CPU chip

C) the first dup that is accessed when the computer is turned on

D) circuit board that contains a CPU and other chips

3. The transformation of a message into an encoded form is known as

A) Mnemonics

B) Encoding

C) Encryption

D) Decoding

4. Which is device that interconnect two or more network, enabling data transfer to be made between them

A) Plotter

B) Joystick

C) Gateway

D) Path

5. Which of the following is directory controlled from a keyboard.

A) Card punch

B) punched paper tape

C) Magnetic disk

D) Magnetic tape

6. Which of the following is a part of the Central Processing Unit

A) Printer

B) Keyboard

C) Mouse

D) Arithmetic Logic Uni

7. Control Unit of a digital computer is often called the

A) Clock

B) Nerve center

C) ICs

D) All of the above

8. A typical modern computer uses

A) LSI chips

B) Vacuum tubes

C) Valves

D) All the above

1. D 2. D 3. B 4. C
5. A 6. D 7. D 8. A
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