1. You use the History panel to:

A) insert Flash buttons.

B) insert images.

C) format text.

D) display the actions performed.

2. What was the first ARPANET message?

A) lo

B) hello world

C) mary had a little lamb

D) cyberspace, the final frontier

3. The name for the way that computers manipulate data into information is called:

A) Programming

B) Processing

C) Storing

D) Organizing

4. The information related to multi-programmed hosts is placed in the header of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Layer

A) Application layer

B) Transport Layer

C) Session layer

D) Network Layer.

5. Which is not true for primary storage?

A) Information must be transferred to primary storage

B) It is relatively more expensive and it is a part of the CPU

C) It allows very fast access to data

D) All the above

6. At which OSI layer does data translation and code formatting occur?

A) Network

B) Physical

C) Data link

D) Presentation

7. Purpose of PC (Program Counter) in a Microprocessor is

A) To store address of TOS (Top Of Stack)

B) To store address of next instruction to be executed.

C) Count the number of instructions.

D) To store base address of the stack.

8. In Photoshop You want to specify a halftone screen frequency when you print your image. Which command should you choose to access this option?

A) File > Print with Preview

B) File > Print

C) File > Page Setup

D) File > Print One Copy

1. D 2. A 3. B 4. B
5. D 6. D 7. B 8. A
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