1. For sound recording, what is necessary ?

A) Speaker

B) Microphone

C) Talker

D) Mouse

2. The life-span of a CD-ROM is??????

A) approximately one year

B) approximately two years

C) approximately five years

D) approximately twenty-five years

3. The ?????? settings are automatic and standard.

A) default


C) peripheral

D) user frien9ly

4. What are the two parts of an E-mail address ?

A) User name and street address

B) Legal name and phone number

C) User name and domain name

D) Initials and password

5. Participants can see and hear each other in a/an ??????

A) electronic mail system

B) message system

C) tele-conference

D) bulletin board

6. Magnetic tape is not practical for applications where data must be quickly recalled because tape is ??????

A) a random-access medium

B) expensive

C) a read-only medium

D) a sequential-access medium

7. Why should you delete unknown e-mail attachments ?

A) You could go to jail

B) The person could track you down and hurt you

C) It is bad manners

D) It might contain a virus that could hurt your computer

8. How is it possible that both programs and data can be stored on the same floppy disk ?

A) A floppy disk has two sides, one for data and one for programs

B) A floppy disk has to be formatted for one or for the other

C) Programs and data are both software, and both can be stored on any memory device

D) Floppy disks can only store data, not programs

1. B 2. C 3. A 4. C
5. C 6. D 7. D 8. C
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