1. Which ruler went to Sri Lanka to spread Buddhism

A) Ashoka

B) Samudragupta

C) Sanghamitra

D) Chitragupta

2. The oldest Veda is

A) Atharva Veda

B) Sama Veda

C) Yajur Veda

D) Rig Veda

3. Which of the following dynasties patronised the famous Kailash temple at Ellora?

A) Vakataka

B) Gupta

C) Rastrakuta

D) Early Chalukya

4. What was the type of marriage in the Vedic period in which in place of the dowry,there was a token bride price of a cow and a bull

A) Arsa

B) Gantharva

C) Asura

D) Rakshsa

5. Who amongst the following is renowned in Hindustani classical music (Vocal) ?

A) Pt. Jasraj

B) M.S. Gopalkrishnan

C) M.S. Subbulaxmi

D) Sholohana Narayan

6. Who amongst the rulers of southern India were the contemporaries of kings of the Gupta Empire?

A) Rashtrakutas

B) Satavahanas

C) Cholas

D) Vakatakas

7. The first Indian ruler to organize Haj pilgrimage at the expense of the state was

A) Alauddin Khilji?

B) Feroz Tughlaq

C) Aurangzeb

D) Akbar

8. Which one of the following territories was not affected by the revolt of 1857 ?

A) Chittor

B) Lucknow?

C) Jhansi?

D) Jagdishpur

1. C 2. C 3. B 4. B
5. C 6. B 7. A 8. B