1. Which of the following materials was mainly used in the manufacture of Harappan seals ?
A) Iron
B) Teracotta
C) Copper
D) Bronze

2. The Indian Universities were first founded during the time of
A) Lord Canning
B) Macaulay
C) Warren Hastings
D) Lord William Bentinck

3. The Gandhara school of sculpture was a blend of …?
A) Indian and Greek styles
B) Indian and Persian styles
C) Purely Indian in origin
D) None

4. Anekantavada is a core theory and philosophy of which one of the following?
A) Buddhism
B) Jainism
C) Sikhism
D) Vaishnavism

5. From which one of the following did Kosovo declare its independence?
A) Croatia
B) Bulgaria
C) Serbia
D) Macedonia

6. Temple architecture was most developed under
A) Pallavas
B) Cheras
C) Rastrakutas
D) Pandyas

7. In his autobiography, Babur has given less details about which of the following?
A) Description of Nature
B) Wars
C) Political condition of India
D) Social life of the life of people

8. The earliest known Indian script is
A) Mori
B) Devanagari
C) Kharosti
D) Brahmi

1. B 2. D 3. A 4. A
5. D 6. C 7. B 8. A