1. Which of the following is the most important statement which shows the real greatness of Akbar as a ruler ?

A) He tried to unite India into a single nation

B) “He tried to encourage inter-religious marriages ”

C) He set up a revenue system based on average crop estimates

D) He established Din-i-illahi incorporating the principles of many religions

2. The Revolt of 1857 was

A) A British conspiracy

B) A revolt by rulers and landlords

C) The first war of independence

D) A sepoy mutiny

3. The name of the poet Kalidas is mentioned in the

A) Alapadu grant

B) Hanumakonda inscription

C) Allahabad pillar inscription

D) Aihole inscription

4. The concept of Anuvrata was advocated by

A) Jainism

B) Hinayana Buddhism

C) The Lokayata School

D) Mahayana?Buddhism

5. As a prince where was Ashoka sent to suppress the revolt?

A) Ujjain

B) Kalinga

C) Deccan

D) Taxila

6. The first metallic coin used in India was in

A) Western India

B) Central India

C) South India

D) Bihar and eastern U.P.

7. The Arab conquest of Sind took place in

A) 712 AD

B) 740 AD

C) 1001 AD

D) 1009 AD

8. The subject matter of Ajanta paintings were

A) Buddha’s life and Bodhisatva

B) Animals, birds and flowers

C) Garuda, Yaksha, Gandhai va and Apsaras

D) All of the above

1. A 2. D 3. D 4. A
5. D 6. D 7. A 8. D