1 Who among the following is called a child of Allah and Ram ?

A) Ramanand

B) Kabir

C) Surdas

D) Tulsidas

2 Which one of the following Sikh gurus was executed by Jahangir ?

A) Angad

B) Arjun

C) Amardas

D) Ramdas

3 The main industry during the Mughal period was

A) Cotton

B) Spices

C) Indigo

D) Saltpetre

4 The earliest of the mutinies against the British was

A) Mutiny at Barrackpur

B) Mutiny in Assam

C) Mutiny of the Madras army

D) The Indian Mutiny of 1857 – 58

5 The Arab conquest of Sindh took place in

A) 712 A.D.

B) 740 A.D.

C) 1001 AD.

D) 1009A.D.

6 Gondophernes belonged to

A) The Saka dynasty

B) The Parthian dynasty

C) The Kusliana dynasty

D) The Satavahana dynasty

7 The great Royal Road mentioned by Megasthenes ran from

A) Prayag to Ujjaini

B) Indus to Pataliputra

C) Pataliputra to Prayag

D) Pataliputra to Taxila

8 Which factor influenced Ghandhi?s ideas on Indian Culture most?

A) Tolstoy?s idea

B) ?Sermon on the Mount?

C) Influenced by western ideas

D) Brief in the fundamentals of?ancient culture.

1. B 2. A 3. A 4. C
5. D 6. A 7. C 8. A