1. Which Constitutional Article states that Hindi is the official language

A) Article 343

B) Article 346

C) Article 345

D) Article 347

2. Constitutionally, how a law can be made out of the subject in the Concurrent List

A) Union

B) State

C) Council of State

D) A & B

3. In the Concurrent list, how many subjects have been included

A) 42 subjects

B) 43 subjects

C) 45 subjects

D) 47 subjects

4. In the State List, how many subjects are included

A) 65 subjects

B) 66 subjects

C) 64 subjects

D) 63 subjects

5. In the Union List, how many subjects are incorporated

A) 95 subjects

B) 92 subjects

C) 97 subjects

D) 99 subjects

6. Which Constitutional Article defines Election to Municipalities

A) Article 243A

B) Article 243ZA

C) Article 243ZC

D) Article 243AP

7. Through which Constitutional Amendment, Municipalities continued to be in force in the state which existed before commencement of the Indian constitution

A) Seventy-fourth Amendment Act 1992

B) Forty-fourth Amendment Act 1978

C) Forty-fifth Amendment Act 1989

D) Forty-seventh Amendment Act 1984

8. Under Constitutional Article 243, what is the meaning of Panchayat

A) Self Gram Panchayat Raj

B) Government of Village

C) Self Government

D) None of the above

1. A 2. D 3. D 4. B
5. C 6. B 7. D 8. C