1. During the absence of the Chairman, who runs the Rajya Sabha ?

A) Deputy Chairman

B) Prime Minister

C) Home Minister

D) Parliamentary Affairs Minister

2. Who has said that basic features of the Indian Constitution do not amount to a change

A) Prime Minister

B) Parliament

C) Supreme Court of India

D) Government

3. Under which Constitutional Amendment Act, Article 368 of the Constitution was amended for the first time

A) 25th Amendment Act

B) 26th Amendment Act

C) 24th Amendment Act

D) 27th Amendment Act

4. Which article in the Constitution of India defines effects of proclamation of Emergency

A) Article 356

B) Article 353

C) Article 354

D) Article 257

5. Which Constitutional article defines exercise of Legislative power after proclamation is issued under article 356

A) Article 358

B) Article 357

C) Article 360

D) Article 358

6. After declaration of financial emergency by the President, what is the period of operation without approval by the Parliament

A) Three Months

B) Four Months

C) Two Months

D) One Month

7. Under whose advice, President of India appoints Regional Election Commissioner

A) Prime Minister

B) Chief Justice of High Court

C) Governor

D) Chief Election Commissioner

8. Under which Constitutional Article enlargement of the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is mentioned

A) Article 145

B) Article 148

C) Article 138

D) Article 143

1. A 2. C 3. C 4. B
5. B 6. C 7. D 8. C
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