1. In the Indian National Flag, what does Ashoka s wheel represent

A) Wheel of the Truth

B) Wheel of the Moral

C) Wheel of the Dharm

D) Wheel of the Law

2. For the first time, British Parliament enacted which laws for the British Government to govern in India

A) Govt. of India Act 1857

B) Govt. of India Act 1858

C) Govt. of India Act 1891

D) Govt. of India Act 1888

3. Who was the Speaker of the Constituent Assembly

A) Sir Abdul Rahim

B) G. V. Mavalankar

C) M. A. Ayyangar

D) Sir Ibrahim Rahim Toola

4. Which Constitutional Institution conducts elections of Parliament and State Legislatures and to the offices of President and Vice-President

A) State Election Commission

B) Provisional Election Commission

C) Election Commission

D) None of the above

5. Who decides allotment of symbols to Political Parties

A) Political Party leader

B) Political Party Governing Committees

C) Election Committee of Political Party

D) Election Commission

6. Who has ample powers under Article 324(1) to make appropriate orders as to the conduct of Elections

A) Regional Election Commissioner

B) Election Committee of Government

C) Electoral Officer

D) Election Commission

7. Montagu-Chelmsford report is associated with which Govt of India Act

A) Govt. of India Act 1920

B) Govt. of India Act 1925

C) Govt. of India Act 1930

D) Govt. of India Act 1919

8. what kind of session does the Parliament hold

A) Budget session

B) Monsoon session

C) Winter session

D) All the above

1. D 2. B 3. B 4. C
5. D 6. D 7. D 8. D