1. Cyclonic rainfall largely occurs in

A) Egypt

B) India

C) U.K.

D) Mexico

2. The highest annual precipitation occurs in

A) Canadian Shield

B) Congo basin

C) Siberian Plains

D) Amazon basin

3. In the deserts the amount of rainfall per annum is

A) less than 250cm

B) less than 50cm

C) less than 500cm

D) 250-300cm

4. The form of precipitation associated with strong convective currents in thunder storm?

A) Fog

B) Snow

C) Hail

D) Rain

5. When moist air meets cold surface of earth, some of the water vapours condense on the particles of dust in air. It is called

A) Dew

B) Fog

C) Mist

D) Cloud

6. Frontal rain is caused by

A) Convection currents

B) Winds from sea

C) Cyclonic activity

D) Condensation of water evaporated frommountains

7. Snow line is

A) The altitude below which no snowfall occurs

B) The altitude above which snow never melts

C) The altitude above which the snow melts regularly to give rise to perennial rivers

D) None

8. Which of the following clouds is made up of tiny ice particles?

A) Cumulus cloud

B) Stratus cloud

C) Cumulonimbus cloud

D) Cirrus cloud

1. B 2. B 3. A 4. C
5. B 6. C 7. B 8. D