1. Which of the following countries are separated by the 49th Parallel ?

A) France and Germany

B) USA and Mexico

C) USA and Canada

D) USSR and China

2. Which of the following pairs is Wrongly matched ?

A) 48 Triangles

B) 44 Triangles

C) 40 Triangles

D) 36 Triangles

3. Which of the following lakes is the deepest?

A) Bushmen & Australia

B) Gaucho & Argentina

C) Maoris & New Zealand

D) Zambos & South Africa

4. What is the old name of Iraq ?

A) Baikal

B) Mansarovar

C) Superior

D) Victoria

5. Which of the following is the mysterious place in the Western Atlantic, where a large number of planes and ships have vanished without trace since 1945 ?

A) Mesopotamia

B) Persia

C) Turkmenistan

D) Alexandria

6. Which of the following countries has common borders with the largest number of countries?

A) Russia

B) France

C) Kenya

D) Zimbabwe

7. Which of the following planets is similar to our Earth in mass, size and density ?

A) Mars

B) Venus

C) Mercury

D) Uranus

8. The capital of Somalia is

A) Mogadishu

B) Johannesburg

C) Ankara

D) Dar-es-Salaam

1. C 2. A 3. A 4. A
5. B 6. A 7. B 8. A