Branch IT’s Details
Acarology Branch of Zoology dealing with ticks and mites
Acoustics Study of production and properties of sound and sound waves
Aerodynamics Study of motion and control of solid bodies like aircraft,missiles etc in air
Aetiology The science of causation specially in diseases
Agrobiology Study of plant life and nutrition
Agronomy Study of soil management and production of field crops
Agrostology Study of Grasses
Alchemy Chemistry in ancient times
Anatomy Study of dissected body structure,i.e. internal structure of the body
Anemology Science of Wind
Angiology Science of Blood and Lymph Vessels
Anthropology Science dealing with the origin and physical and cultural development of mankind
Arboriculture Cultivation of trees and vegetables
Astronomy Study of heavenly bodies
Astrophysics Branch of medicine concerned with administration of anaesthetics and the condition of the patient while under anaessthesia.
Acupuncture A chinese medical practice that attempts to cure illness by puncturing specified area of the skin with needles
Autoecology The Study that deals with the ecology of species
Bacteriology Study of Bacteria and the diseases caused by them
Ballistics Science dealing with the motion of projectiles
Balneology Science of therapeutic uses of baths
Biochemistry Study of chemical composition and processes of living beings
Bioclimatology Studies the effects of climate upon living Organisms
Biometry The application of mathematics to the study of living beings
Biomechanics The Study of the Mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living Organisms
Biometeorology Studies the effects of atmospheric conditions on living Organisms
Biology The Study of Living Things
Bionics Study of functions characteristics and phenomena observed in the living world and the application of this knowledge to the world of machine
Bionomy Science of the laws of life
Bionomics The study of the relation of an organism to its environments
Bionomy The Science of the laws of life
BioPhysics The Physics of Vital Processes(living things)
Botany The Study of plants
Bryology Study of mosses
Ceramics The art and technology of making objects from clay(pottery) etc
Chemistry The study of Elements and their laws of combination and behaviour
Chronology The Science of arranging time in periods and ascertaining the dates and historical order of past events
Climatotherapy The treatment of disease through suitable cllimatic environment,often but not always,found in recognised health resorts.As climate is Subject to seasonal Variations the required environment may have to be sought in different localities at different periods of the year.
Cardiology Science dealing with the functioning and diseases of heart
Carpology Science of Fruit and Seeds
Cetology Science of aquatic mammals especially whales
Chemotherapy Treatment of diseases by chemical means
Chronobiology Study of duration of life
Conchology Bracnch of zoology dealing with the shells of molluscs
Cosmogony Science of the nature of heavenly bodies
Cosmography Science of the nature,origin and history of the Universe
Craniology Science dealing with Skull
Cryogenics Science dealing with production,control and application of very low temperature
Cosmogony science of the nature of heavenly bodies
Cosmography Science of the nature.Origin and historyof the Universe
Craniology science dealing with skull
Cryogenics Science dealing with production control and application of very low temperature
Dactylography Study of fingure prints for the purpose of identification
Dendrology Study of trees
Dermatology Study of skin
Ecology Study of the relations of organisms to their surrounding
Electronics Branch of Physics dealing with the behaviour and use of electrons
Entomology Study of Insects
Embryology Study of development of embryos
Epidemiology Branch of Medicine dealing with incidence and risk of diseases
Eschatology Study of death,destiny
Etiology Study of cause of diseases
Ethology Study of animal behaviours
Eugenics Study of the production of better offspring by the careful selection of parents
Exobiology Dealing with the search for extraterrestrial life,especially intelligent life outside our solar system This branch somtime known as Astrobiology or Xenobiology
Genecology Study of pedigree of family ancestries and history
Genesiology Science of generation
Genetics Branch of biology dealing with the phenomena of heredity and the related laws and breeding
Geobiology Biology of terrestrial life
Gerontology Study of old age.its Pheenomena,diseases etc
Gastrology Study of alimentary canal,digestive system and their diseases
Geriatrics Branch of medicine dealing especially with problems of aging and diseases of elderly people
Geriodontics Branch of dentistry dealing with the dental problem of older people
Gynaecology Study of women’s organs and their diseases
Hamatology Study of blood and its disorder
Heliotherapy use of sun-bath in treating diseases
Helminthology Study of worms and parasities
Hepatology Study of liver and it’s diseases
Herpetology Study of reptiles and amphibians
Histology Study of tissues
Holography Study of the method of reproducing three dimensional image Using LASER
Hydroponics Study of culture of plants in nutrients solution rather than soil
Hydrometallurgy Process of extracting metals at ordinary temperature by bleaching ore with liquids
Hypnology Study of sleep
Ichthyology Study of fishes
Immunology Study of immune system of the body
Kalology Science dealing with human beauty
Lalopathology Branch of medicine dealing with disoders of speech
Limnology Study of freshwater life
Malacology Study of Molluscs
Mammology Study of mammals
Mammography radiography of mammary glands
Metallography study of the crystalline strucures of metals and alloys
Microbiology Study of micro-organisms including bacteria,moulds and pathogenic protozoa
Morphology Study of Organic forms and stucture
Mycology Study of fungi and fungus diseases
Myology Scientific study of muscles
Myrmecology Study of ants
Nephrology Scientific study of the kidney
Neurology Study of the nervous system.its functions and its disorders
Obstetrics Study of child-birth
Odontology Scientific study of teeth
Oncology Study of tumours
Oneriology Study of dreams
Oology Study of eggs
Opthalmology Scientific study of eye-diseases
Optics Study of nature and properties of light
Ornithology Study of birds
Orthopaedics Science of prevention,diagnosis,and treatmen of diseases and abnormalities of musculoskeletal system
Olfactology Science of the sense of smell
Osteology Study of bones
Otology Study of ears and their diseases
palaeontology Scientific study of fossils
Parasitology Scientific study of parasites
Pathology study of Diseases symptoms,cause and remedy
Pharyngology Study of pharynx and its diseases
Phycology Study of algae
Phytogeny Study of origin and growth of plants
Pomolgy Science dealing with fruits and their growth
Pteridology Study of ferns
Radiology Branch of medical science dealing with the use of X-rays and Gamma-rays in diagnosis and treatment of diseases
Radiobiology Branch of Medical Science dealing with effects of ionising radiations on living organisms
Reflexology Study of relexes or practice of healing through foot massage
Rheology Study of the deformation,flow of matter
Seismology Study of earthwuakes and the phenomena associated with it
selenology Scientific study of moon,its nature,origin movement etc
Sericulture Rearing of silk worms for the production of raw silk
Serology Study of Serum
Sexology Study of Stucture of Sex-organs their defects and remedies
Synecology Study of Ecology of entire biotic community
Sialology Scientific study of saliva
Sitology Science of food and nourishment
Spectroscopy Study of matter and enrgy by the use of Spectroscope
Syllepsiology Branch of medicine dealing with Pregnancy
Syndesmologoy Study of art of preparing and mounting skings of animals in life like manner
Teratology Study of treatment of diseases and art of healing
Toxicology Scientific study of poisons
Urology Branch of medicine dealing with urinary system
Virology Scientific study of viruses
Zoometry Comparative measurement of the parts of animals
Zymology Scientific study of Process of Fermentation Evolution (Evolutionary biology)