Improve ipad Battery life with the following

1. By decreasing the brightness of the display

ipad’s retina display uses the more power by decreasing the brightness of the screen we can drastically improve the iPad’s battery life. A brightscreen looks good but when we are carrying the device outside we need a long hours to use with out charging so by decreasing the brightness we can enjoy more hours. At same time turn off the auto brightness will increase the battery life because brightness of screen will be fixed at a constant level rather than constanly adjustin to lighting conditions. By handling the brightness of he screen is the one of the best way to hava a longer battery life.

Step by step process

Step1: tab on the settings

Step2: under the settings search for Brightness & wallpaper

Step3: decrease the brightness of the screen

Step4: Turn off Auto-Brightness

Other process

Adjust the screen brightness: Double-click the Home button , swipe the multitasking bar from left to right, then drag the brightness slider

2.Auto screen lock

Auto screen lock is the one more option to improve battery life while using ipad if you keep a device a side for few minutes a side the battery will drain to have a control on battery life just use these setting so that the display of the screen will automatically turn off after a particular period of time more these option will,not work while your are watching a videos.

Step by step process to adjust this

Step1: tab on the settings

Step2: Click on the General tab on the right ouside of the screen

Step3: now click on the auto lock and adjust the timming according to you usage better to set this for 2 minutes

3. Turn off Wi-fi and bluetooth

Wi-fi and bluetooth are the two more important options that uses more power by turn offing this both longevity of the battery will improved. This two options will be keep on searching for the other devices which is not need always so better to turn it of. . . . And use when ever you rally need it

How to turn off Wi-fi ?

Step 1: tab on settings

Step 2: select WI-FI and drag the slider to TURNOFF

How to turn of bluetooth?

Step 1: Tab on the settings

Step 2: select the option Bluetooth and then TURNOFF

4. Apps that will drain your battery

When ever an application is opened and closed in the middle of the work that will in a pause mode i.e the application is running backward that uses some power if you have more apps opened the more power will drained so if you want long hours of battery open and close the applications properly. . .

5.How to know which apps are running in background?

It is so Simple, just access the multitasking bar to find out the which applications were running. “Double-click on the Home button to reveal the multitasking” or swipe up with four or five fingures up to reveal the multitasking.

6.How to close those apps?

Just hold the app for a while and click on minus option will be displayed now just click on minus to close the application. . . .