Dungarpur District, Rajasthan

Dungarpur is a city in the southernmost part of Rajasthan state of India. It is the administrative headquarters of Dungarpur District. The rail line between Udaipur and Ahmedabad in Gujarat runs through the town, shortest distance to the National Highway 8 from Dungapur town is 20 km.

History of Dungarpur District, Rajasthan

Main articles: Bhil people and Dungarpur State
The area of Dungarpur district was occupied by the Bhil people perhaps as early as 4000 BCE. It was invaded by Rajputs in the 12th century. Dungarpur State was founded in 1197 by Samant Singh, a Rajput prince from Mewar, but Rajput control over the area took centuries. Bagar or Vargar was the name the Rajputs gave to the area of Dungarpur and Banswara districts. The Bhil people remained the major ethnic group in the district during Rajput rule, and under the British Raj formed the core of the military and police.

Economy of Dungarpur District, Rajasthan

In 2006 the Ministry of Panchayati Raj named Dungarpur one of the country’s 250 most backward districts (out of a total of 640). It is one of the twelve districts in Rajasthan currently receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF).

Notable personalities in Dungarpur District, Rajasthan
-Pannalal Patel (1912-1989) Author. Born in Mandli village.
-Raj Singh Dungarpur (19 December 1935 – 12 September 2009) former president of Board of Control for Cricket in India.
-Shivendra Singh Dungarpur (born 25 August 1969) is a filmmaker, producer, film archivist and restorer.
-Lt. Gen. Nathu Singh Rathore (22 April 1902 – 15 May 1974 (aged 72)) from Gumanpura, in the erstwhile state of Dungarpur in Rajasthan
Visiting Plaaces in Dungarpur District, Rajasthan
-dev Somnath Mandir.
-Udai Bilas Palace
-Katkeshwar Mandir Katisour
-Shree Jetholeshwar Mahadev Temple,Oad
-Juna Mahal or the Old palace
-Shrinathji temple
-Government Archaeological Museum
-District Library
-Shri Adinatha Jain Swetamber Temple
-Beneshwar Dham
-Rokadia Ganesh Temple
-Sarneshwar Mandir Temple
-Gap sagar lake
-Shree Samorjee Temple in Kherasamor, Aspur
-Naya Mahadev Temple
-RaghunathJi Temple Bhiluda
-Shree Nagariya Dada Ganpati Mandir (Bhiluda, Ganeshpury)
-panch mukhi Hanumanji Mandir & Kalyan Dham (Bhiluda Ganeshpury)
-Shree Hadmatiya Hanumanji mandir (Arthuna)Banswara
-Shree Mandaviya Hanumanji mandir (Mandav)
-Shree Karadiya Hanumanji Mandir (Karada)
-Sita – Ram Ashram Jethana
-maa bayan mandir
-Dron sharma
-ghatda(ahada ka vada)
-kalji mandir
-nana bhai park
-Nagfunji Tample
-Hinglaj Mata Temple (Genji)[Pushpraj Singh Ranawat]