Sirohi District, Rajasthan

Sirohi is a city in southern Rajasthan state in western India. It is the administrative headquarters of Sirohi District and was formerly the capital of the princely state of the same name ruled by Deora Chauhan Dabi Rajput. It has five Tehsils (Administrative Divisions): Abu Road, Sheoganj, Reodar, Pindwara, and Sirohi itself. It is also known as Devnagari.

History of Sirohi District, Rajasthan

The Name Sirohi had been derived by “Siranwa” hills on the Western Slope of which it stands. Colonel Tod in his book “Travels in Western India” has suggested that the names of the territory might have derived from its position at the head (Sir) of the desert (Rohi), Sirohi also named as “Sword” and this had led some people to believe that this State of brave Deora Chauhans received it present name due to its widespread fame of its Swords i.e. Sirohi means ” Self Respect is most important even if head may be detached ” in other words “A Rajput of Sirohi may die for Self Respect.” Sirohi, is said to have taken its name from Sirohi from Siranwa hill, on the western slope at which it stands. In 1405, Rao Sobhaji founded the town of Shivpuri on the eastern slope of Siranwa Hill. Shivpuri today lies in ruins. In 1425, his son and successor, Sehastramal (or Sahastramal, Sehastramal), founded a fortress on the eastern slope of the same hill, which became his capital and grew into the present-day town of Sirohi.

After Independence an agreement was signed between Central Government and minor ruler of Sirohi State, with this the State Administration of the Sirohi State was taken over by Bombay Government from 5 January 1949 to 25 January 1950. The first administrator representing a bombay state was Prema Bhai Patel. After final merger with Rajasthan in 1950, an area of 787 km2 consisting of Aburoad and Delwara tehsils of Sirohi district was renamed with the Bombay State on 1 November 1956, after the recommendation of the State organisation Commission, which forms the present position of the district.

Places to Vist in Sirohi District, Rajasthan

  • -The Siddhrup Mahadev Temple,Sindrath
  • The Ancient Mirpur Jain Temple
  • Ambeshwar Mahadev Temple, kolargarh
  • Jabeshwar Mahadev Temple, Vasa
  • Kusuma
  • Moriya Baba Temple, Siloeya
  • Baneshawari Mataji Temple, Siloeya
  • Lakhav Mata Temple
  • Markundeshwar temple, Ajari
  • Mount Abu
  • Pavapuri Jain temple
  • Chandravati Temple, 6 km from Abu Road city (a historical temple)
  • Saraneshwar Mahadev Temple, sirohi
  • Shri Hanumanji Mandir, Varada
  • krishna river mamawali
  • shree kshetrapal (khetla ji) mandir, goyali from sirohi to 2.5 km
  • shri khimaj mata ji mandir, goyali
  • shri bhuvaneshwar mahadev mandir near village dodua on road to kalandri