Moga district,Punjab

Moga district is one of the Twenty districts in the state of Punjab in North-West Republic of India. It became the 17th district of Punjab State on 24 November 1995. It is also known as NRI district. Most Punjabi Non-resident Indians (NRIs) belong to rural areas of Moga District, who immigrated to the USA, the UK and Canada in the last 30–40 years. 40-45% of the population of NRIs from Canada, the US and the UK belong to Moga district. (The NRI Punjabis of the UK are almost exclusively from the Doaba regions of Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur. Those from Moga are a tiny minority). Moga District is among the largest producers of wheat and rice in Punjab, India. People from Moga City and Moga District belong to the Malwa culture.

Ironically, despite its high well-to-do population, Moga gained infamy in April 2015 due to the death of a teenage girl and injury of her mother, when they were molested and thrown from a running bus near Gil village, in Moga district.

Numerous attempts were previously made to make Moga a district but all were unsuccessful. Finally the then Chief Minister of Punjab S. Harcharan Singh Brar agreed to the public demand to make this a district on 24 November 1995.

Before this, Moga was the subdivision of Faridkot district. Moga town is the headquarters of the district, is situated on Ferozpur-Ludhiana road.

Foundation of Moga district,Punjab

Moga was founded by Moga Singh Gill a forefather of the Gill community. Then this city went to the hands of his two sons Moga Ajit Singh Gill and Moga Mehla Singh Gill.

Geography of Moga district,Punjab

Moga has an average elevation of 217 metres (711 ft).Moga district is bordered by Jalandhar district in the north, Ludhiana district in the East, Sangrur in the South and Faridkot and Ferozpur in the West. It stretches between longitude 75 degree – 15, 75 degree – 25 east and latitude 30 degree – 35 and 31 degree 15 North. It spreads over an area on 2230 km2, which comes to 4.42% of the Punjab State. The average annual rainfall of district was 234.5 mm by the year 1999.

It is located 368 km from New Delhi,184 km from Chandigarh,67 km from Ludhiana,110 km from Amritsar,85 km from Bathinda and 1600 km from Mumbai.

Places to visit in Moga district,Punjab

  • Chokha Complex
  • Gold Coast Club House
  • Geeta Bhawan
  • Nehru Park
  • Ozone County
  • Nature’s Park
  • V-Mart
  • Gita Bhawan
  • Windsor Garden

Notable people in Moga district,Punjab

  • Narinder Singh Kapany, Indian born American physicist known for his work in fiber optics
  • Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, eminent Sikh leader, born in the village of Rode
  • Lala Lajpat Rai, Indian freedom fighter from Dhudhike
  • Jathedar Tota Singh former Punjab Education Minister and currently Agriculture Minister.
  • Lachhman Singh Gill, Chief Minister of Punjab
  • Sonu Sood, Indian Film Actor
  • Roshan Prince, Actor and singer.
  • Artist Manjit Singh Gill, sculpture
  • Ravinder Singh Grewal (Ravi), Senior Congress Leader


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