Sangrur District,Punjab

Sangrur district is in the state of Punjab in North-West Republic of India. Earlier Barnala was part of Sangrur district, but now Barnala is a separate district. Sangrur consists of the cities of Dhuri, Lehragaga, Malerkotla, Sangrur, and Sunam. Other cities are Ahmedgarh, Amargarh, Bhawanigarh, Dirba, Khanauri, Longowal and Moonak

History of Sangrur District,Punjab

It is believed that Sangrur was founded by a Jat named Sangu about 350 years ago. Upto 1774, it was just like a village. At the time of Independence of India in 1947, it was the capital of Jind state. It was made a district on 21 Sept. 1948 when Pepsu state was formed.
Geographical position of Sangrur District,Punjab

This district has its boundaries common with district Ludhiana, Patiala,Barnala, Mansa and Jind (Haryana). Ludhiana is on its north, Jind on South, Patiala on East, Barnala on West and Mansa on South West.
The district headquarter of Sangrur is the city of the same name. Sangrur is 78 kms from Ludhiana, 35 kms from Barnala and 54 kms from Patiala.
Towns and Cities in Sangrur District,Punjab
There are total 13 cities and towns in this district. A list of towns and cities is given below:

  1. Malerkotla (Municipal Council Class-1)
  2. Sangrur (Municipal Council Class-1)
  3. Sunam (Municipal Council Class-1)
  4. Ahmedgarh (Municipal Council Class-2)
  5. Dhuri (Municipal Council Class-2)
  6. Lehragaga (Municipal Council Class-2)
  7. Bhawanigarh (Municipal Council Class-3)
  8. Longowal (Municipal Council Class-3)
  9. Amargarh (Nagar Panchayat)
  10. Cheema (Nagar Panchayat)
  11. Dirba (Nagar Panchayat)
  12. Khanauri (Nagar Panchayat)
  13. oonak (Nagar Panchayat)

Notable people in Sangrur District,Punjab

  • Udham Singh, freedom fighter
  • Goyal, founder of Jet Airways
  • Binnu Dhillon, actor
  • Gurchet Chitarkar, actor
  • Karamjit Anmol, singer and actor
  • Irshad Kamil, lyricist and poet
  • Bhagwant Mann, comedian & politician

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