Koraput district,Odisha

Koraput is a district of Odisha, India, and known for rich and diverse types of mineral deposits. It is located along the Eastern Ghats.


The district of Koraput derives its name from its headquarters the present town of Koraput. In ancient times when the Nalas were ruling over this tract, Pushkari near modern Umarkot was the capital city. In the medieval period Nandapur developed as the capital under the Silavamsi kings and sometimes under the kings of the Solar dynasty. Vikram Dev of the Solar dynasty shifted his headquarters to Jeypore about the middle of the 17th century and this town prospered as the capital. Koraput was chosen by the British in 1870 for better health prospects. The origin of the name of Koraput is obscure.

There are several theories, none of which are convincing.

According to Mr. R.C.S.Bell the name of the town is ‘Kora-Putti’ or”the hamlet of the nux-vomica” and it is derived presumably from a tree or trees that must at one time have been prominent near the site. But today not a single tree of nux-vomica is to be found near about the town of Koraput and so the assumption or Mr. Bell is open to question.

According to second theory, Koraput is corrupted form of ‘Karaka pentho’ Karaka literally mans ‘hail-stone’. It is also believed that one ‘Khora Naiko’ laid foundation of the village during the time of Nandapur kings. He hailed probably from Ranpur and served under the Nandapur kings in the Militia, and for his faithful and meritorious services he has permitted to establish this village which was named after him as Khora Putu, and later on the name has been abbreviated to ‘Koraput’.

Koraput is also a Tourism Place.The town is surrounded by mountains, thick forests and waterfalls.

Marking a social success for others to emulate, the past two years, around 220 tribal villagers of the non-descript Bondaguda village under Similiguda block in the district has become totally free of open defecation with each of its 45 families constructing toilets in their homes.

Geography of Koraput district,Odisha
1672 m high Deomali, the tallest mountain in Odisha, is located in Koraput district.
Major Towns in Koraput district,Odisha

  1. Jeypore
  2. Koraput
  3. Sunabeda
  4. Damanjodi
  5. Semiliguda
  6. Borigumma
  7. Kotpad

Places Of Interest in Koraput district,Odisha

  1. Gupteswar Cave
  2. Maliguda Tunnel
  3. Duduma Waterfall
  4. Padua Town