Arwal district,Bihar

Arwal district is one of the thirty-eight districts of Bihar state, India, and Arwal town is the administrative headquarters of this district. It was earlier part of Jehanabad district. As of 2011 it is the third least populous district of Bihar (out of 39), after Sheikhpura and Sheohar.

Geography of Arwal district,Bihar

Arwal district occupies an area of 638 square kilometres (246 sq mi), comparatively equivalent to Canada’s Foley Island.[4] In Arwal district near mehandia MADHUSHARWA MELA, which is famous for ancient SHIV TEMPLE.Its name came in MAHABHARAT.

Hydrology of Arwal district,Bihar

Arwal is the unique district of Bihar in the sense of quality of water and its greater availability. As per survey done by the experts underground water of arwal is completely free from the impurities.Water is available at most of the place at much shallower depths this is the reason why most of the households of arwal used to install handpumps instead of motors and storage.Excellent transportation,Son river and huge availability of water in Arwal may provide suitable conditions to establishment of industries.It is the part of plain of Ganga.There are most agricultural field.

Economy in Arwal district,Bihar

Economy of the district is totally agriculture-based, and this area does not have any presence of any industry. Paddy, wheat and pulse are the main crops. Though most of the area of the district is well irrigated, due to lack of infrastructure and power, farmers are not benefitted.

Culture and tourism

Being a small district, Arwal has lesser place of interest where you can drop and enjoy the monuments but it offers a scenic and true India in rainy season when paddy is cultivated and farms are full of greenery. Besides, a leisure walk can be taken for hours on the banks of river Son. One of the leading Sufi Makhdoom Hazreat Shamshuddin Arwali’s Khanquah Khanqah e Shamsia Situated at banks of river Shahi Mohalla is well known spiritual centre of Bihar.

Notable people

  1. Akhilesh Prasad Singh Ex-Minister Govt of India
  2. Tariq Anwar Cabnet Manister Govt of India
  3. Dr Syed Masood Alam
  4. Shri Rang Bhadur Singh Former MLA of Arwal and legend Jamindar
  5. Shri Ram Sinhasan Singh Noted Freedom Fighter led 1942 India Quit Movement in Arwal