Buxar district, Bihar

Buxar district is one of the thirty-eight districts of Bihar state, India. The district headquarters are located at Buxar. Before 1992, it was part of Bhojpur District, Bihar. The major towns are Dumraon, Itarhi and Rajpur.

Buxar district, Bihar General knowledge for ssc cgl pdf

MythologyBuxar district, Bihar General knowledge for ssc cgl pdf

This place was also known as “Siddhashram”, “Vedgarbhapuri”, “Karush”, “Tapovan”, “Chaitrath”, “VyaghraSar”, “Buxar” in ancient history. The History of Buxar dates back even prior to the period of Ramayana. The word Buxar is said to have been derived from VyaghraSar. The tiger face of Rishi Vedshira, an outcome of the curse of the sage Rishi Durvasha, was restored after bathing in a holy tank which was later named as Vyaghra Sar.

According to mythology, sage Vishwamitra the family guru of Lord Rama and eighty eight thousand saints, had their sacred ashram at the banks of holy river Ganges that reside inside the modern District Buxar. He was disturbed in the yagna (sacrificial offering) by the demons. The place where due killing of the famous Rakshasi (demoness) Tadika by Lord Rama, is said to fall within the present Buxar town area. Besides, Lord Rama and his younger brother Laxman took their teachings at Buxar.Buxar district, Bihar General knowledge for ssc cgl pdf

It is also said that Ahilya, the wife of Gautam Rishi restored her human body from that of stone and got salvation by a mere touch of the feet of Lord Rama. This place is now known as Ahirauli and is situated six kilometers away from the Buxar town. The Kanwaldah Pokhara also known as VyaghraSar is a tourist spot nowadays.Buxar district, Bihar General knowledge for ssc cgl pdf

Panchkoshi Parikrama

Many people once in a year take round of this religious area called Panchkoshi Parikrama. They perform it in five days by halting in night in five villages surrounding Buxar. During this visit they cook five different kinds of food. One of them is called litti-bhanta. This recipe is famous in Bihar, Litti is ball like structure made of wheat powder by filling the black gram roasted powder mixed with salt and spices called sattu. Bhanta (Round Brinjal) roasted in the fire of dung along with potato and tomato finally all are smashed after removing its peel and taken with litti which is also roasted in the same fire.somewhere it is known as bati-chokha.Buxar district, Bihar General knowledge for ssc cgl pdf