Jamui district,Bihar

Jamui is a city and a municipality in Jamui district in the Indian state of Bihar. It is the district headquarters of Jamui district. Jamui was formed as a district on 21 February 1991 as a result of its separation from Munger.

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Historical existence of Jamui has been observed from the Period of Mahabharta war. Archaeological and historical evidence shows its close association with Jain tradition for a long past to the present time.Basic General Knowledge – General Knowledge Questions and Answers

There are mainly two hypotheses which have been mentioned by historians regarding the origin of the name of the district Jamui. The first hypothesis said that the name of Jamui derived from “Jambhiya Gram” or “Jribhikgram” village, which has the place of attaining ‘Omniscience’ (Kevala Jnana) of Vardhaman Mahavira and according to another hypothesis the name Jamui is originated from Jambuwani.Basic General Knowledge – General Knowledge Questions and Answers


Various literature indicates the fact that Jamui was known as Jambhiyaagram. According to Jains, the 24th Tirthankara lord Mahavira attained omniscience (Kevala Jnana) in Jambhiyagram situated on the bank of river named Ujjihuvaliya. Another place traced as “Jrimbhikgram” on the bank of Rijuvalika river, resembles Jambhiyagram, Ujjhuvaliya.Basic General Knowledge – General Knowledge Questions and Answers

The Hindi translation of the words Jambhiya and Jrimbhikgram is Jamuhi which is developed in the recent time as Jamui. With the passage of time, the river Ujhuvaliya /Rijuvalika is supposed to be developed as the river Ulai and as such both the place are still found in Jamui . The Ulai river is still flowing nearby Jamui. The old name of Jamui has been traced as Jambhubani in a copper plate which has been kept in Patna Museum. This plate clarifies that in the 12th century, Jambudani was today’s Jamui. Thus, the two ancient names as Jambhiyagram and Jambubani prove that this district was important as a religious place for Jains, and it was also a place of Gupta Empire in the 19th century; the historian Buchanan also visited this place in 1811 and found the historical facts. According to other historians Jamui, was also famous in the era of Mahabharata.

According to available literature, Jamui was related to Gupta and Pala rulers before the 12th century. But after that this place became famous for Chandel rulers. Prior to Chandel Raj, this place was ruled by Nigoria, who was defeated by Chandels and the dynasty of Chandela founded in the 13th century. The kingdom of Chandels spread over the whole of Jamui.Basic General Knowledge – General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Giddheswar Temple:

Famous temple of lord Shiva situated on the top of stone boulders. It 15 km south from the district headquarter.Basic General Knowledge – General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Hill Station Simultalla:

This place is famous for its beautiful scenic hills and pleasant weather.It is supposed to be the Tapo-Bhumi of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans, who founded TaraMath of Devi Bhagvati.

Jain Mandir Lachhuar:

This is a large and old rest house(Dharmsala) of 65 rooms constructed for the Jain Pilgrims. There is a Mandir of Lord Mahavira inside the Dhamsala. This is situated on the way of kshatriya Kund Gram, the birthplace of Lord Mahavira. This place is located in Sikandra Block which is approx 20 km. west from Jamui District Headquarter.

Kali Mandir Malaypur:

Temple of goddess Kali is situated at village Malaypur, block Barhat. A very famous festival known as Kali Mela is held every year at this place. The temple is just near by the Railway station, Jamui.

Minto Tower Gidhaur:

Minto tower was built by the Maharaja of Gidhaur in 1909 to commemorate the visit of the then British Viceroy Lord Irwin to Gidhaur. It is in the middle of Gidhaur Market on the main Jamui-Jhajha state highway.

Patneswar Mandir:

This is famous temple of lord Shiva situated on the way of Station Road Jamui. It is about 5 km north from the district headquarter Jamui.

Maa netula temple

This is famous Temple of Maa Ambe Situated at village kumar, block sikandra. it is about 26km west form the district headquarter jamui bihar.