Virudhunagar District,Tamilnadu

Virudhunagar District is an administrative district of Tamil Nadu state in southern India. Virudhunagar is the district headquarters. Virudhunagar district was formed by the separation of Old Ramanathapuram District on 1987 into Ramanathapuram District, Sivagangai District and the west part as Virudhunagar District. Virudhunagar District was formerly called Karmavirer Kamarajar District. As of 2011, Virudhunagar district had a population of 1,942,288 with a sex-ratio of 1,007 females for every 1,000 males.


The district is bounded by Sivagangai district and Madurai district on the north, Tirunelveli district and Tuticorin District to the south and Ramanathapuram District on east and Kerala state to the west and Theni district to the northwest.


Virudhunagar district is leading in the country in the match industry, fireworks and printing, mostly concentrated in and around Sivakasi. Virudhunagar is the main market for oil, chicory, coffee seeds, dry chillies and pulses. There are two trade centres (Godowns) in the District one in Virudhunagar and another in Rajapalayam. Ginning factories, spinning mills, power loom and hand loom industries are also present in the district at Rajapalayam the second big weaving town in the state after Coimbatore. One of the cement plants of Madras Cements Ltd is located in RR Nagar near Viudhunagar another one located at Alankulam of SIvakasi Taluk.

Places to see in and around Virudhunagar
•Sri Maariyaman Temple- This renowned temple of Virudhunagar ranks among the holiest places of worship in Tamil Nadu and is located in the heart of the town. The Pongal festival is observed by the Hindus in the month of March (in Tamil month of Maasi) in the temple compound. With a history spanning four centuries the Virudhunagar Mariamman Temple is known for the ‘Panguni Pongal’ which takes place every year. People across all the towns and cities visit the place during Pongal and its celebrations. The temple is also known as Mariamman Kovil.
•Andal Vadapadrasayi Kovil- The Andal Vadapadrasayi Kovil is one of the well-known places of worship in Virudhunagar. The unique facet of gopurams with lofty steeples with a length of 192 feet makes it special. This place of worship serves as the icon of the State Government of Tamil Nadu. It is home to the revered Andal Temple.
•Kamarajar Residence- Virudhunagar is the hometown of Kamarajar (the famous Indian National Congress leader and an erstwhile Chief Minister of the state of Tamil Nadu). His dwelling has been switched into a monument and graced with pictures of Kamarajar at every phase of his life.
•Aruppukottai- Aruppukottai is located at a distance of 20 km from the town. The place is known for its weaving industry and grocery business.
• Thiruchuli or Thiruchuzi- It is the hometown of the Ramana Maharishi. Thiruchuli is located at a distance of 33 km from Virudhunagar. You will see a range of consecrated lakes in this area.
•Sivakasi- Sivakasi is famous for its handicrafts sector and firecrackers. The town houses calendar making and litho-printing industries as well. The distance is around 25 km.
•Rajapalayam- Rajapalayam is located beside the holy township of Srivilliputhur and is the coldest area in the district.
•Srivilliputhur- Srivilliputhur is the most significant traveler’s spot in this area owing to the historic Andal temple. This was the hometown to Andal who was one of the 12 Vaishnavaite holy persons known as Alwars. The name has originated from the custom of submersion in Vishnu Bhakti and Alwar refers to one who is immersed.
•Shenbagathoppu Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary- Shenbagathoppu Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary lies at a distance of 8 km from Srivilliputtur. The sanctuary houses the imperiled and tree-living grizzled giant squirrel or Ratufa macrora. Other creatures can also be seen in this area. More than 100 varieties of avifauna have been found. You will find the uncommon Great Indian hornbill in this sanctuary.
• Sri Veiluganda Amman Temple
•Holy Ignasius Church
•Rajalakshmi Theater
•Amirtharaj Theater
•Apsara Theater
•Ayyanar Falls (lying at a distance of 15 km from Rajapalayam)
•Pilavakkal Dam near Watrap