Etah district,Uttar Pradesh

Etah is a municipality town which is also the district headquarters of Etah district of Uttar Pradesh state, India. The driving distance from New Delhi to Etah is 207 km and it takes approximately 4 hours by public transport to reach there. Etah is dominated by Yadavs.


It is the midpoint on the Kanpur-Delhi Highway. Historically, it is also known for being a centre of the Revolt of 1857. In ancient times, Etah was called “Aintha” which means ‘to respond aggressively’ because of the people of the Yadav community, who are very aggressive. It was when the king of Awagarh went hunting in the forest along with his 2 dogs. The dogs saw a fox and started barking and chasing it. The fox kept on running away trying to protect itself from the king’s dogs but when it reached Etah, the fox responded very aggressively to the king’s dogs. The King was surprised by the behavioral change in the fox. So, he thought that this place must have something which made the fleeing fox change attitude. Therefore, the place was called Aintha, which later was mispronounced as Etah. Another story found in Vidya Bharti’s book states the old name of Etah as ‘Einta’ due to a person lost here. In search of water, he dig into the land and his shoe struck a brick (eint) which leads to the name Einta and later this word changed to Etah. Etah also is very famous for its Yagyashala which is located in the Gurukul Vidyalaya. The Yagyashala is considered to be world’s second largest Yagyashala. There is a historical fort which was built by the king of Awagarh. Awagarh is a place which is 24 km from Etah. Etah also has a historical mandir named as Kailash Mandir dedicated to Lord Shiva. Amir Khusro was born in Patiyali, Etah and is considered as one of the best poets of Urdu. Also, it is said that the famous Hindi poet Tulsidas, who also wrote Ram Charit Manas, was born in Soron which is also said to have a connection with Hindu Mythology as the Varah Avtar (third avtar of Lord Vishnu) is said to be incarnated here.

Religious places

Famous Sufi Sant Hazrat Abdul Ghafoor Shah’s Dargaah Situated in Holi’s a famous dargah of chishti silsila

Bada Jain Mandir, Kailash Mandir, Hanumangarhi, Kaali Mandir, Janta Durga Mandir, Vijaynagar, Pathwari Mandir. Patiali is the birthplace of Amir Khusro.

The famous Kailash Mandir at Etah was built by King Dil Sukh Rai Bahadur and is 148 years old.

Noah Kera village was famous for marriage of Lord Sri Krishna with Rukmini.

Etah is also known for world famous Gurukul. It is said to be providing education using traditional methods. Gurukuls are ancient residential schools.

Baba Ramdev’s Guru’s birthplace.

Famous bhooteshwar is a place for Hindu bodies cremation .

Places to visit

There is bird sanctuary about 10.0 km from this village called Patna Pakshi Vihar maintained by Govt of Uttar Pradesh. It is a point of money collection goes in to pocket of forest officer posted over there. There is no parking facility over there and you have to pay Rs.250/- to the officer posted to park your vehicle/car.forest area near railway station.nadrai bridge(pul) built by british.two ganga canal river are situated 10 km from city on agra road here jalabi and cold water without freezing are popular.