Mau District,Uttar Pradesh

Mau is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state of India, and Mau town is the district headquarters. Mau district is a part of Azamgarh Division. It is situated in the south-eastern part of the state with headquarters in Maunath Bhanjan. The district is surrounded by Ghazipur district on the south, Ballia district in the east, Azamgarh district in the west, and a north side surrounded by Gorakhpur. Varanasi touches some area on the south side. The river Ghaghra forms the northern boundary and the south boundary touches Tamsa river.

  • District Magistrate – Mr. Chandra Kant Pandey
  • Superintendent Of Police – Mr. Dinesh Chand Dubey.
  • Chairman, District Council – Mr. Sunil Singh Chauhan
  • History

    District Mau has been cast out from district Azamgarh. It has a very rich historical background from the protohistorical period. The Archaeological Survey of India has found some records like coins of the king Kanishka’s period.

    During the reign of Sher Shah Suri, the famous emperor who defeated Humayun, visited Kolhuvavan (Madhuban) to meet the great Sufi saint Syed Ahmad Wadva.Mahvani, one of the daughters of Sher Shah was settled permanently near the dargah of Syed Sahab. Various developmental works were undertaken by Sher Shah Suri during his reign for economic development of the Mau region. After Humayun had retaken India, it is mentioned in the historical book of Ziaudeen Barni saying that his son Akbar the Great passed through Mau, on his way towards Allahabad.

    During the construction of a military base and the Shahi Masjid, a large number of laborers and artisans came with the Mughal Army. They, the weavers, etc. had originally come from Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey; they settled there permanently.

    During the period of India’s struggle for freedom the residents of Mau gave their full support to the movement. Pandit Algu Rai Shastri a great Leader and Indian Freedom fighter Facts about Pandit Algu Rai Shastri ji was Affiliated to Indian National Congress Constituency Azamgarh (UP) Lok Sabha Constituency Member of parliament Member of 1952 Member title MP, offer to Mahatma Gandhi came to Dohrighat on 3 October 1939 during the 3rd salt law breaking movement; many persons of Mau actively took part.

    During the 1942 Quit India Movement a mob had collected in outrage of an action by a Madhuban Police Station Officer; Collector Navlate was present there, he ordered his men to open fire on the mob killing and injuring raghunath, bhar, Kanhyee bhar etc. In memory of the shaheeds of that day a monument was built on the site were the shaheeds had made the ultimate sacrifice.

    Mau was an important township of Azamgarh district before its creation as a district itself. On 19 November 1988 it was made a district, largely due to the efforts of the Late Kalpnath Rai (MP Ghosi) The local language of Mau is peculiar to the area as it includes the dialects of Bhojpuri Persian, Turkish and Irani. The main Industrial setup here is of cloth making by powerloom due to the presence of a large number of weavers in the district. Sari, Lungi and other clothes being prepared there are exported to various states of India and also to various countries.

    Religious places

    Malik tahir baba r.a. Rauza is famous place where devotees use to visit every Thursday.

    Shahi Katra Masjid build by Aurangzeb’s daughter, is most popular place of worship.

    In Ghosi Huzur Sadrussharia is famous for Islamic religion distance near about 20 km from Mau. There is a famous madarsa also, named Amjadia .

    ‘Shitala Mata Dham’ (Or Shitala Mandir) and ‘Vandevi’ are two important and Oldest Temples in Mau. Shitala Mata Dham is located beside the State Highway 34; East of Mirzahadipura of this city. This Temple is one of the oldest temple in the city. Many God and Goddesses of Hindu mythology are found in this temple including Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Mata Parvati, Lord Hanuman. This temple is managed by ‘Shitala Mata Samiti’, and ‘Shri Ram Bhakta Mandal Mau’. A small pond is present in its realm which full-fills the requirements in holy prayers, and mostly, makes this place the most attractive one. Priests of this temple believe that by the last twenty generation, no one is sure about the age of the temple but formally they believe that it is about 2,000 years old. In the holy month of Navratri (occurring twice a year), more than half a Million people, from different part of the country, visit this ancient temple to worship Goddess Shitala. Religious village Bagli is also a great place for inspiration. new memorable place known as Mukti Dham is built in Dohrighat

    Notable people

  • Parichay Das (born 1964) Bhojpuri-Hindi-Maithili writer, singer
  • Laxmi Narayan Mishra (1903–1987) actor and playwright
  • Fiza Ibn-e-Faizi (1923–2009) Urdu and Persian poet
  • Maulana Habibur Rahman Azmi (1900–1992) Islamic Scholar
  • Muhammad Mustafa Al-A’zami
  • Atul Kumar Anjaan (born 1955) senior CPI leader and national secretary of Communist Party of India
  • Nagendra Kumar Singh
  • Kalpnath Rai
  • Rajkumar Rai
  • Bahadur Prasad
  • Kamran Khan (cricketer)
  • Salim Ansari
  • Amjad Ali Aazmi