Shahjahanpur district,Uttar Pradesh

Shahjahanpur district is one of the historical districts of Uttar Pradesh in the republic of India. It is a part of Bareilly division which is situated in south-east of Rohilkhand division. It was established in 1813 by the British Government. Previously it was a part of district Bareilly. Geographically the main town is Shahjahanpur city which is its headquarters. Its Tehsils are: Powayan, Tilhar, Jalalabad, and Sadar.


Shahjahanpur was established by Diler Khan and Bahadur Khan,[1] sons of Dariya Khan, a soldier in the army of Mugal Emperor Jahangir. Both Diler Khan and Bahadur Khan were dignitaries in the regime of Shahjahan. Pleased with the services of Diler Khan, Shahjahan gave him 14 villages with the permission to construct fort. Diler Khan developed a fort at Nainar Khera, situated on the joint confluence of two different rivers Garrah and Khannaut.

District headquarters
The district headquarters is still known as Shahjahanpur, which is called Shahjahanpur shahr. It has a separate municipality.
Rosa Thermal Power Plant

Rosa Power Plant is a 1,200 MW of coal based generation capacity at Rosa village in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The power plant is being developed in two stages, with the first stage (Rosa Phase I) already having become commercially operational on 12 March 2010. It is also the first project of the company to become operational.

Rosa Power Supply Company Limited (RPSCL), the holding company of Rosa Power Plant, was incorporated on September 1, 1994 as a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Power Company. It was later transferred to Reliance Power on November 1, 2006 and is now a fully owned subsidiary of Reliance Power. It is a project that has received a considerable support from the Uttar Pradesh government with it being designated a ‘priority project’. The entire power generated will be sold to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL). The tariff for the power generated by the plant will be determined in accordance with the guidelines for tariff as set by Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Notable people

  • Ram Prasad Bismil (Freedom Fighter)
  • Ashfaqulla Khan (Freedom Fighter)
  • Thakur Roshan Singh (Freedom Fighter)
  • Prem Krishna Khanna (Freedom Fighter)
  • Krant M. L. Verma (Poet, Writer & Historian).
  • Rajpal Yadav (Bollywood Actor)
  • Shamim Azad. (Theatre Actor n Director)
  • Krishna Kumar Srivastava (Theatre Actor)
  • Sadh Orhan (Bollywood Actor)
  • Jitin Prasada (Indian Politician, son of Jitendra Prasad