Aravalli district,Gujarat

Aravalli district is a district in the state of Gujarat in India that came into being on August 15, 2013, becoming the 29th district of the state. The district has been carved out of the Sabarkantha district. The district headquarters are at Modasa.

The district has been named for the Aravalli Hills that run across Gujarat and Rajasthan.According to records with the Government of Gujarat, the Arasur branch of Aravalis passes through the regions of Danta, Modasa and Shamlaji in the district.
It was one of 7 new districts in the state whose formation has been approved by the Government of Gujarat in 2013.The district is predominantly tribal and its formation, announced in the run up to the Assembly elections in Gujarat in 2012, was seen as an attempt by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party government to woo tribal voters.
Geography and demographics
Aravalli district consists of Modasa, Malpur, Dhansura, Meghraj, Bhiloda and Bayad talukas of former Sabarkantha district.Of these, Meghraj, Malpur and Bhiloda are tribal dominated talukas.The district includes 676 villages and 306 village panchayats with a total population of 1.27 million and is the most literate tribal district in Gujarat.
Places of Interest
The district has several Buddhist relics and spiritual centres like Shamlaji.There are two engineering colleges, located at district headquarter modasa, one is government eng. college and other is self finance college. there are also various colleges like science,arts,commerce,MBA,BBA,BCA,MCA,pharmacy etc.. located in aravalli at various talukas like Modasa,bhiloda,bayad,dhansura etc.. Village Torada in Taluka Bhiloda is religious place because it is birth place of Divine Saint Gopalanand Swami of Swaminarayan sect.
Aravalli district has the first private sector 5 MW solar power plant of Gujarat at Kharoda near Modasa.The district is industrially backward, having no major industrial units although small scale industrial areas exist in Modasa, Bhiloda and Dhansura talukas. The Mazum is a major river in the region with two large dams on it.