Botad District,Gujarat

Botad District is a district of the state of Gujarat, India. It was created on 15 August 2013 from the southwestern part of Ahmedabad District and the northwestern part of Bhavnagar District. Botad city is the administrative headquarters of the district.

This district is surrounded by Bhavnagar District to the southeast, Surendranagar District to the north and northwest, Amreli District to the southwest, Ahmedabad District to the northeast and Rajkot District to the west.

Botad District consists of four talukas:

  • Botad,
  • Gadhada,
  • Barvala,
  • Ranpur
  • Overview

    According to the 2011 census, Botad has a population of 130,302. It is near district centers such as Ahmedabad(170 km), Bhavnagar (90 km), Rajkot (120 km), Surendranagar (90 km) and Amreli (93).

    Botad is surrounded by low hills on the east and west, forming a valley. Utavali Creek flows through the town, and Madhu Creek joins the Utavali near Dash Nala.

    The town is a gateway to Kathiawad (toward Gadhada, Lathi and Amreli), and a crossroads of Gohilwad (towards Bhavnagar), Zalawad (Limbdi, Surendranagar) and Panchal (towards Paliyad, Vinchiya, Jasadan).

    Botad is the deathplace of Jhaverchand Meghani and Damodar Botadkar, politician Bachu Bhai Shah, author and educator Mohammad Makad and freedom fighter Bhanushankar Joshi. Mahatma Gandhi visited Botad during a tour of Kathiyavar.

    Historic attractions

    Botad’s clock tower, built by Damodardas Jagjivandas, is part of the central business district and a library is named after Jagjivandas. The city gate was at the present location of Din Dayal Chalk. The Tajiyo building was built by a civil engineer, Tulsi Mistri, after he was forbidden to build a clock tower by the prince of Bhavnagar State.

    The lake which supplies water to most of the town was built by Krishna Kumar Singhji, maharaja of Bhavnagar State, and is a popular attraction. Haran kui (Deer Spring) was a freshwater spring in the northern part of the town which provided a habitat for wildlife.