Mahisagar district,Gujarat

Mahisagar district – also Mahisagar – (Gujarati: મહીસાગર જિલ્લો) is a district in the state of Gujarat in India that came into being on 26 January 2013, becoming the 28th district of the state. The district has been carved out of the Panchmahal district and Kheda district.

Lunawada is the district headquarters of Mahisagar. It started its operation in full-fledged from 15 August 2013,
Mahisagar district consist of 6 talukas:
1. Balasinor
2. Lunavada
3. Kadana
4. Virpur
5. Santrampur
6. Khanpur

Visitors can reach Lunawada via Godhara and Halol from the city of Vadodara. It is located 120 km from the city of Vadodara and 120 km from Ahmedabad. People from Ahmadabad can reach through Balasinor

kaleshwari is the most visited place in lunawada… ZARMAI MATA Temple near Pandarwada Village is best place for forest visit. Adadri Waterfall near pandarwada village is best destination for natural waterfall. Mankeshwarmahadev mandir Near Pandarwada is about 1000 year old temple to visit.

Places that the visitor can see are: Luneshwar Temple, Ramji Mandir, Hanumaan ni Veri, Kakachiya Triveni Sangam, Panam Bridge, Panam River Check Dam, Fateh Baug, Fuvara Chawk, Indira Gandhi Stadium, Jahavar Garden, and Kalka Mata ni Tekari.

Visitors can also see places like the Panam Bridge in the evening. Another place to visit is the King’s Palace of historically significance in the State of Gujarat. Near Lunawada there is a village named Limadiya where the palace is situated.


Lunawada is known for the temple of Luneshwar Mahadev. This ancient temple of Lord Shiva has a lot of religious importance as it is said that the Pandavas dwelled at this temple during their stay in the forest. The statue of Lord Shiva Lingam is of white stone found in the quarries of Madhya Pradesh. There is a Saint Kabir Ashram opposite to this Shiva temple. All the walls of this Ashram are engraved with the Dohas of Saint Kabir. Another ancient temple of Bhairavnath Mahadev is situated near the Luneshwar Mahadev temple. This temple has a statue of Bhairav and one of Lord Shiva.

The next attraction is the temple of Melia Mahadev, which is 2 miles away from Lunawada. The local people come here to pray to fulfill their wishes and desires. A temple named Mitha Ganesh ni deri situated in mandvi bazar (beside pipli fali) is held here. in lunawada too many masjid .one big juma musjid in ghachiwad,and big darululoom in near kanka talaw.And Many OF Dawoodi Bohra People Are Situated Her