Morbi district,Gujarat

Morbi or Morvi is a city and a municipality in Morbi district in the Indian state of Gujarat. It was a Princely State ruled by the Jadeja clan of Rajputs until Indian independence in 1947. It is situated on the Kathiawar peninsula. In 2011, the city’s population was determined to be 194,947.Its chief products are cotton and grain. The town of Morbi is situated on the river Machhu, 22 miles (35 kilometers) from the sea and 60 kilometers from Rajkot.

The city-state of Morbi and much of the building heritage and town planning is attributed to the administration of Sir Lakhdhiraji Waghji,who ruled from 1922 to 1948. Sir Waghji acted as a ruler, manager, patron and policeman of the state with great authority. Sir Waghji, like other contemporary rulers of Saurashtra, built roads and a railway network (of seventy miles), connecting Wadhwan with Morbi and the two small ports of Navlakhi and Vavania, for exporting the state’s production of salt and cloth. The Morbi railway station combines Indian and European architectural elements. Today, Sir Waghji Thakor’s grandson Shivam Thakor is still the Prince of the state and resides in the royal palace.

Origin of the name
The district is named after Morbi city. The name of the city of Morbi (literally meaning the city of peacocks) was probably derived from the King of Bhuj.
During the British Raj era, Morvi State was one of several princely states governed by the Jadeja dynasty of Rajputs. It was classified as an 11-gun salute state.
Morbi district has an approx. population of 5,00,000. Morbi district has an area of approx. 4,871.5 sq. km. and a density of 207. The district has 5 talukas – Morbi, Malia, Tankara, Wankaner (previously in Rajkot district) and Halvad (previously in Surendranagar district).

Morbi has many schools and colleges of commerce, arts, science, home science and different branches of engineering, e.g., Mahila College, St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, V. C. High School, New Era Public School, Om Shanti School, O. M. V. V. I. M. College, M. P. Sheth Girls’ High School, and more.

Lukhdhirji Engineering College (L.E. College) is one of the oldest colleges in Gujarat, hosts over 3,000 engineering students and is a major source of local income. Maharaja Mahendrasinhji College and Smt. G. J. Sheth College are part of Saurashtra University.

  • Nirmal Vidhyalay
  • Nirmal Science School
  • The V. C. Technical High School
  • Shree Rasiklal Sheth Boys’ High School
  • O. M. V. V. I. M. College of I. T. & Management
  • L. E. College of Engineering
  • St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School
  • M. P. Sheth Girls’ School
  • Shree Saraswati Shishu Mandir
  • Shree U. N. Mehta Arts College
  • G. J. Sheth Commerce College
  • Doshi High School
  • Navyug Vidhyalaya
  • Navyug Science School