Surendranagar distrtict,Gujarat

Surendranagar is an administrative district in the state of Gujarat in India. It has a population of approximately 1.7 million people. Surendranagar is also known as Jhalawad, as many principalities of Surendranagar district were ruled by Jhala Rajputs. Surendranagar city, along with the twin city of Wadhwan, has a total of 400,000 inhabitants, and is known as the city of Hi-Tech Bungalows. It was also known as “Camp”.

The district occupies an area of 10,489 square kilometres (4,050 sq mi). As of 2001, it has a population of 1,515,148, out of which 26 percent live in cities.
Other cities in the district include Dhrangadhra, Halvad, Wadhwancity, Limbdi, Chuda, Lakhtar, Katosan Raj, Muli, Sayla, Raj Sitapur, Thangadh, and Tarnetar.

In the past, Surendranagar was used by colonialists as a hill station, because of its dry environment that was beneficial for some physical as well as mental ailments.[by whom?] Surendranagar’s dry air is still believed to be the best place in Gujarat to cure tuberculosis patients.

Surendranagar has the second highest rate of development in the state of Gujarat, and is considered to be a strong candidate for status of Municipal Corporation.[citation needed] It also has the second highest number of educational institutes per capita.[citation needed] MMany newspapers are published from Surendranagar in Gujarat.


Many small and medium enterprises and industries are present, including confectionery, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, engineering plastics, and salt production. Wadhwan City is a major trade and processing centre for agricultural products, cotton, salt, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics, textile bearings, ceramics, and sanitary ware.

Natural resources

Nearly 25 percent of India’s salt supply comes from mining in the Surendranagar area.There are miles of Agar (Salt pans), especially in the Kharaghoda area. High quality salt is produced in Zinzuwada, a desert area.


Surendranagar is a hub of cotton and ginning activities in India, with a large number of ginning and pressing units. It is one of the largest producers of quality Shankar cotton in world. The Surendranagar Cotton Oil and Oilseeds Association Ltd,( Government of India recognised) is a world famous futures trading exchange for cotton. It was established in 1964 and is the first Cotton Future Trading Exchange in India.

Surendranagar City is also home to a big textile and clothing market, specialising in saris. Large clothing showrooms are located in the city on Jawahar Road and Vithal Press Road.

Places to Visit in Surendranagar
The main city of Surendranagar is located on the banks of River Bhogavo. There are a few places to visit in Surendranagar which are of historical importance. They are:-
Dholi Dhaja Dam
A huge dam situated on the outskirts of the City which stores water almost full year. This Dam is fed by the water from River Narmada via canal. A serene and calm place situated at end of Dall Mill road and has a beautiful shiva temple calle ‘Dholeshwar Mahadev’.
Tagore Baug
A garden with a small pond situated at the heart of the city.
Temples in Surendranagar

  • Mai Mandir
  • Shri Swami Narayan Temple, Railway Junction Road
  • Vadwala Temple, Dudhrej
  • Dattatreya Temple, Ratanpar
  • Trimandir, Rajkot Road
  • hanumanji dada mandir narichana village
  • Personalities

  • Jhaverchand Meghani (1896–1947) Poet, litterateur, social reformer and freedom fighter. Born in Chotila.”Jhaverchand Meghani – Life Part-1 : 1896–1922″. Nanak Meghani. Retrieved 20 September 2011.
  • Sukhlal Sanghvi (1880–1978) Jain scholar and philosopher. Born in Limbdi.Mohan Lal (2006). Encyclopaedia of Indian literature, Volume 5. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi. ISBN 81-260-1221-8. p. 4215
  • Gujarati comedian Shahabuddin Rathod than and Jagdish Trivedi hails from this district.
  • Novel writer Shree Umashankar Joshi (village: Gujaravadi) was from this district. (this needs correction)
  • Noted Hindi Film Writer Vipul K Rawal was born in Surendranagar and is the great grandson of the last Diwan of Wadhwan State.One of the most prominent writers of Gujarat Mr.Atulkumar vyas also belongs to this city. He has obtained many prizes for his literary work.