Sangli district,Maharashtra

Sangli district is a district of Maharashtra state in west-central India. Sangli city is the district headquarters. The district is 24.51% urban. Sangli and Miraj are the largest cities.The industrial town of Kirloskarwadi is also located in the Sangli District. Industrialist Laxmanrao Kirloskar started his first factory here. It is known as the sugar bowl of India due to its high sugarcane productivity. Sangli District is one of the most fertile and highly developed district in Maharashtra. The District is very popular as a political power house in the state. Sangli District has given many popular politician’s and bureaucrat’s till date. Sangli has a rich history and cultural heritage. E-Media often refer’s Sangli District as the Heaven of Farmer’s.

The district of Sangli is a recent creation made as late as in 1949. It was then known as South Satara and it has been renamed as Sangli since 1961. It is partly made up of a few talukas which once formed part of the old Satara district and partly of the States and jahagirs belonging to Patvardhans, and Dafles which came to be merged during the post-independence period. Kundal, the region around Sangli, was the capital of the Chalukyas. Kundal was an ancient village, around 1,600 years old. Kaundanyapur (its old name) was a part of Karnataka.[3] Pulakeshin I chose Vatapi (Badami in Karnataka) as his capital. Kundal was home to freedom fighters like Krantisigha Nana Patil, Shamrao Lad, Captain Ramchandra Lad, G.D. Lad, Shankar Jangam, and Housabai Jangam. Marathi is main language spoken. Narsinhpur, an ancient village is also in Sangli district. Laxmi-Narsinh Ancient Temple is there from around A.D.1100–1200 period. Sant Namdeo, Sidheshwar maharaj, Tatya Tope were used to stay in the village in ancient period. This village history is also found in “GURU CHARITRA”
Nearby Religious Places
Hindu Religion

  • Bhuvneshwari Temple
  • Brahmanand Swami Math
  • Narsobawadi
  • Dandoba – The place of lord Shiva near Miraj at the top of a mountain surrounded by forest.
  • Cultural and Spiritual Heritage Ganesh Chaturthi The festival spares Happines to Everyone, Sangli is often visited by many saints, Yogis, tapaswis like Swami Vivekananda for their tapa, sadhana and satsang. There are many places, known for their calm, soothing environment near Krishna river which attract devotees and Sadhus. Some of the saints belonging to this area are-
  • Sant shree Tatya Saheb Kotnis Maharaj, Mama Maharaj Kelkar, Dasram Maharaj Kelkar Shree Hanumandasji Maharaj etc.