East Kameng district,Arunachal Pradesh

East Kameng district is one of the 16 districts of Arunachal Pradesh state in northeastern, India. It shares an international border with Tibet in the north and Bhutan to the west, a state border with Assam and district borders with West Kameng, Papumpare and Kurung Kumey, which was bifurcated from Lower Subansiri district on 1 April 2000.


The area around the Kameng river has at various times come under the control and influence of the Mon kingdoms, Tibet and the Ahom kingdom. Aka and Nishi chiefs would exert control over the area whenever no major political powers dominated the area.

The Kameng Frontier Division was renamed as the Kameng District. The Political Officer was also redesignated as the Deputy Commissioner of Kameng. However, for political reasons, the Kameng district was bifurcated between East Kameng and West Kameng on 1 June 1980.

East Kameng district occupies an area of 4,134 square kilometres (1,596 sq mi),comparatively equivalent to Alaska’s Unimak Island.Like West Kameng, the East Kameng climate ranges from arid in the tundra of the north through a cool temperate climate to a humid subtropical climate in the southern sub-himalayan hills bordering Assam.
East Kameng has some tourist attractions. One of these is the Pakhui Tiger Reserve, with a wide range of wildlife. Seppa, the capital, hosts beautiful tribal dance festivals that adds color to the natural landscape. The Himalayas can be viewed from the hill stations of Bameng, Chayangtajo and Pakke-Kessang.

Seijosa is a circle in East Kameng district. it has now an Additional Deputy Commissioner office.Mainly Nyishi people inhibit here.The Pakke wildlife Sanctuary is located here. The Seijosa town is situated along the river Pakke. Every Thursday people from Assam mainly from places like Itakola come to sell vegetables, clothes etc. The people from Assam and Seijosa share a cordial relationship. Due to lack of proper road communication and direct link road to itanagar, often people have to suffer a lot due to frequent Assam Bandh calls. The way to Seijosa via road is very painful and troublesome due to non-maintenance of road. Large numbers of potholes on the road often big as a pond often get filled with Rain Water during Summer and create huge difficulty to its people. Goloso,Bali-Basti,A/2 etc. are some of the villages. It is a great place for a picnic every year lot of tourist come to Seijosa for picnic. Seijosa was heavily flooded in 2004 destroying her beauty it still developing well under the help of 12th Pakke Kesang MLA.

Papu Valley

Papu Valley is one of the most spectacular places in East Kameng under the Pijerang cirle. Papu Valley has got its name from the snake-like curvy streams of river Papu. A vast field of rice covers whole area of Papu Valley. Some of the major villages in this valley are Lumdung, Veo, Sede, Seba, Nere etc.