Nalbari district,Assam

Nalbari is an administrative district in the state of Assam in India. The district headquarters are located at Nalbari.


In ancient times Western Assam was known as Kamarupa, which existed in harmony with Davaka of central Assam. Kamarupa was divided into Kamarupa Pithas or geographical divisions; Nalbari placed in Kamapitha division. Region continued to be called as Kamrup till colonial times. The area congruent to Kamapitha, became Undivided Kamrup district of colonial and post colonial times until 1985, when Nalbari district was carved out.

In the early part of the twenties a railway station of the Assam-Bengal Railway Company had been established here. As the train started running through, certain traders and businessmen from outside the state came and interacted with the local people. Business transactions were started on the rail station road. The Nalbari M.E. School had been started in the meantime to the Gurdon School site, and it was upgraded into a High School named Gurdon High School in 1917. Both these two events attracted the people to throng to the area which had changed its shape and size. It became a strong business centre with great growth potentials in the whole of the north bank of the river.

Migration started in a significant way. Population increased, administrative offices were started gradually and in 1931 it assumed an urban look. In 1941 it was declared as one of the town in Kamrup district with a town committee with a population of 3578. In 1945 the Nalbari College was started in a temporary shed and in 1950 it was shifted to its present site which helped in the growth of the Bidyapur-Shantipur area of the town into a densely populated area. The establishment of the PWD offices on the Palla road, led to the growth of the Gopalbazar area.

In 1968 Nalbari was upgraded into a subdivision with headquarters at Nalbari and in 1984 it was made the district headquarters of Nalbari District, all of which led to the upsurge of development process with huge population migration, primarily of local people.

Nalbari district occupies an area of 2,257 square kilometres (871 sq mi),comparatively equivalent to Indonesia’s Morotai Island.The latitude of Nalbari is 26 degrees north and 27 degrees north and the longitude is 91 degrees east and 97 degrees east. The tributaries of the Brahmaputra, the Nona, Buradia, Pagaldia, Borolia and Tihu, which originate in the foothills of the Himalayan Range, are wild in nature and make an enormous contribution to the agrarian economy of the district.
Notable people

  • Troilokya Nath Goswami,Critics,Litarary
  • Sashi Sarma,Litarary
  • Adya Sarma,Artist
  • Dr.Basant Kr. Bhattacharya,Critics,Poet,Litarary
  • Dr.Upendra Nath Goswami,Litarary
  • Abani Chakraborty, Poet
  • Bhumidhar Barman, Politician
  • Mahadev Deka, Body Builder
  • Seema Biswas, Bollywood actress
  • Pranab Kr. Barman,Poet