Mokokchung district,Nagaland

Mokokchung is a town and a municipality in Mokokchung district in the Indian state of Nagaland. It is the district headquarters as well as the main urban hub of Mokokchung district. Mokokchung is the cultural nervecentre of the Ao people and is economically and politically the most important urban centre in northern Nagaland. In fact it is third most important urban hub in all of Nagaland after Dimapur and Kohima. Besides this the Government of Nagaland has also recognised Mokokchung district as ‘Land of Pioneers’ because this place has produced a great number of luminaries in many fields. The town is made up of 16 wards of which Kumlong, Sangtemla, Alempang and Yimyu are the largest. Mokokchung is particularly noted for its extravagant Christmas, New Year, Moatsu and Tsungremong celebrations. Its tradition of celebrating Christmas and New Year midnight celebrations in the main town square is regarded as one of the unique features of Mokokchung. Historically, Mokokchung was one of the first Naga Hills sites where the Assam Rifles, led by Britishers, established their outposts (then called stockades) in the later part of 19th century. Much of the town initially grew around this post located in the DC Hill. The British administration was then gradually extended eastwards towards the remoter parts of the Naga Hills.

The physiography of the district shows six distinct hill ranges. The ranges are approximately parallel to each other and are aligned roughly north-east/south-west. The district lies between 94.29 and 94.76 degrees east longitude and 26.20 and 26.77 degrees north latitude. The entire district of Mokokchung is conveniently sub-divided into ranges. The main valleys are Tsurang, Changki and Milak Valleys. The district is agriculturally and industrially among the most progressive districts in the state, along with Dimapur and Kohima. Major agricultural regions are Changki-Longnak, Tsurang, Milak and Dikhu valley regions. Tuli-Milak region and Changki-Longnak valley are the major industrial areas.
Major mountain ranges

  • Ongpangkong
  • Asetkong
  • Changkikong
  • Japukong
  • Langpangkong
  • Tsurangkong
  • Divisions
    The administrative headquarters of Mokokchung district is located at Mokokchung town and the head of administration is Deputy Commissioner Abhishek Singh, who is an officer of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). Mokokchung has three subdivisions, namely Tuli, Mangkolemba and Changtongya.
    Politically, it is one of the most important districts in Nagaland. It sends 10 (of 60) legislators to the state assembly. Presently four of its legislators are in the ruling DAN government while the other six belong to Congress, the main opposition party in the state. Alichen-Mokokchung-DEF is the largest urban agglomeration area of the district.

  • Ongpangkong North
  • Ongpangkong South
  • Kobulong
  • Changtongya
  • Tuli
  • Mangkolemba
  • Nagaland Legislative Assembly constituencies

  • Alongtaki
  • Jangpetkong
  • Impur
  • Angetyongpang
  • Koridang
  • Aonglenden
  • Mokokchung town
  • Mongoya
  • Tuli
  • Arkakong
  • Economy
    Industrial regions

  • Changki Valley
  • Tsurang Valley
  • Lower Milak-Tuli Region
  • Dikhu-Chichung Valleys