Alirajpur district,Madhya Pradesh

Alirajpur is a city and a municipality in Alirajpur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Alirajpur State was formerly a princely state of India, under the Bhopawar Agency in Central India. It lay in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh, near the border with Gujarat and Maharashtra. It had an area of 836 m².

The country is hilly, and consists of tribal people as majority of population who live in small villages near Alirajpur. However, the towns population mainly consists of general people. It had been from time to time under British administration. The Victoria bridge at Alirajpur was built to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of 1897.

Area-wise, the former Alirajpur taluka was larger than the Jhabua taluka of Jhabua district. Now Alirajpur is a District. The Rajwara fort is situated in the centre of the town attached with a beautiful playground known as Fateh Club. Alirajpur is also the hub for dolomite business.

Origin of name
The district is named after its headquarters, Alirajpur, which was the capital of the former princely state of Ali Rajpur. The name of this town is derived by conjoining Ali (the fortress town and the former capital of the princely state founded by Anand Deo in 1437) and Rajpur (the latter capital).According to the 2011 census Alirajpur district has a population of 728,677,roughly equal to the nation of Bhutan or the US state of Alaska.This gives it a ranking of 498th in India (out of a total of 640).The district has a population density of 229 inhabitants per square kilometre (590/sq mi).Its population growth rate over the decade 2001–2011 was 19.4 per cent.Alirajpur has a sex ratio of 1,009 females for every 1,000 males, and a literacy rate of 37.22 per cent, the lowest in India.
Before the Indian independence in 1947, the Alirajpur State was under Bhopawar Agency sub-division of the Central India Agency. This principality was founded in 1437 and merged with the Indian Union after the Indian independence. The territory occupied by the present district became part of Madhya Bharat state in 1948 and subsequently became part of the re-organized Madhya Pradesh state on 1 November 1956.