Lohardaga district,Jharkhand

Lohardaga is one of a good town and the district headquarters of Lohardaga district in the Indian state of Jharkhand, west of Ranchi, the state capital. Earlier (early 1900s) Lohardaga was the commissionary headquarters for Chotanagpur. It was only later that the commissionary of Chotanagpur was shifted to Ranchi. The commissioner’s office still exists and it houses the Lohardaga Municipality office. The weather of lohardaga is very good. In lohardaga many people is busy in agriculture work,the market of lohardaga is also very good,all the things of needs are available.School’s of lohardaga is also good.

Lohardaga is located at 23.43°N 84.68°E.It has an average elevation of 647 metres (2122 feet).
Government administration structure

The Deputy Commissioner is the head of the district administration and is ex officio chairman of various societies, agencies that are involved in the development of the district. Various societies and the Governmental agencies which are in the direct control of the Deputy Commissioner are DRDA, MESO, Central Sponsored Social Sector Schemes, Welfare Schemes, Total Literacy Mission and Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and Various Societies constituted for Health Services. Among NGOs PRADAN and LGSS are active in the District. PRADAN works with over 8,000 families around issus of micro-irrigation, decentralised poultry, dairy, commercial agriculture, etc. and has been active in this district since 1992

No panchayat elections have been held in the State after 72/73rd amendments in the Constitution of India. Therefore, as per the direction of the Government, Deputy Commissioner is ex officio Chairman of District Rural Development Agency which plans, implements, supervises and monitors various Central Sponsored and State Sponsored Schemes. The DDC is ex officio Managing Director of DRDA as well as Chief Executive Officer. There are five blocks in the district. On the block level BDOs are involved in developmental works of the respective blocks. Under the BDOs, there are Panchayatsewak and Jansewaks at the panchayat level.

Besides the agencies which have been described above there are various line departments which also plan, implement, supervise and monitor the schemes as per the instructions of their department. They are Agriculture, Soil Conservation, Forest, Welfare, Fisheries, Education, P.H.E.D., R.E.O., P.W.D.(Road), Minor Irrigation, Co-operative, Electricity, Telecommunication, Industries and Mining. Also there is a Meso office to implement various developmental schemes for the tribals. All these line departments though work under their respective controlling officer of the department, they are indirectly under control of the District Administration. Almost every line departments has a divisional office at the district level. There is also a 20-Point programme implementation committee at the district level under the Chairmanship of Minister of the State Government, who is appointed by the State Government. Deputy Commissioner is ex officio secretary of the committee. This committee supervises, monitors, the implementation of the schemes of the line department.

Important personalities

Lohardaga has been a land of intellectuals and great leaders. It has produced freedom fighters, thinkers, intellectuals,businessmen, teachers and visionaries. Some of the eminent personalities include Late Shiv Prasad Sahu politician and businessman, Late Sri Lalit Oraon a very good leader, Anamol Kumar Lal an extraordinary teacher and mathematician,Shashank Burman a good citizen of upper bazaar lohardaga, Harikrishna Lal a freedom fighter, ex MLC, ex VC Ranchi University.. The people of Lohardaga have always contributed to the intellectual, social and economic state of Jharkhand. Especially the work done by Shri Sitaram Sharma in the area of public service is exemplary. Lohardaga is the birthplace of 1857 Mutity hero pandey Ganpat Roy, who fought against the British under the leadership of Thakur vishwanath shahdeo, the rebel landlord of jagannathpore, Ranchi. Babu kunwar singh visited lohardaga frequently to his sister’s in-laws and encouraged local freedom fighters, including his brother in law Thakur Jagannath shahdeo, a prominent freedom fighter, martyred in 1858 fighting against the British in Kakrang valley in Lohardaga. It has been the workplace of Tana Bhagat’s freedom movement, inspired by Gandhism.