Simdega district,Jharkhand

Simdega district is one of the twenty-four districts of Jharkhand state, India, and Simdega town is the administrative headquarters of this district. This district was carved out from erstwhile Gumla district on 30 April 21. It is currently a part of the Red Corridor. As of 2011 it is the third least populous district of Jharkhand (out of 24), after Lohardaga and Khunti districts.


Simdega erstwhile the Kingdom of Kaisalpur-Birugarh Parganas[3] which was ruled by the King Ganga Vamsi of the Gajapati Royal family of the Gajapati Kingdom for centuries even during the British Colonial era. The Gajapati Royal Family still resides at Biru or Birugarh, situated at a distance of about 11 km from Simdega City on N.H. 23. This region of beautiful plateau is inhabited by the tribal and Odia Communities . The region has always been popular to missionaries, who established Schools, convents, hospitals and parishes on the lands donated by the erstwhile Gajapati Kings and its subordinates. Christian Missionaries, especially Society of Jesus, helped in spreading the education by establishing several Christian schools in the region.

As located in South Jharkhand, the language has been the sweet Nagpuri – a dialect of Odia language,whose offshoots being Sadri in many forms and adaptability. Odia culture has highly influenced this region. The Odia Kings ruled this area for centuries even during the period of British Raj. The Gajapati Kings of Kaisalpur-Birugarh invited Odia-Brahmin scholars from Odisha to this region and gradually these Odia Brahmins settled in every corner of the Kaisalpur-Birugarh Kingdom, even today in the remotest villages of this region one can trace these Odia Brahmins families. The Gajapati Kings had donated acres of land and even villages and Zamindaris to them.The other Odia communities of this region are Vaishnava, Goldsmith, Mahakud (Gauda or Yadava), blacksmith and Bhuiyan or Rout. The schools of this area has produced some eminent hockey players from this area who have represented India in Olympics and other National and International arena.It is known as cradle of Hockey in Jharkhand.

Development of Simdega is crucial to the development of south Jharkhand. Being in the proximity to Rourkela, Industrial Capital of Odisha,the region is bound to develop and cater to population in southern Jharkhand.

Tourist places
Simdega has tremendous potential for development of tourism. Its scenic beauty, beautiful landscapes, greenery coupled with pleasant climate can attract both domestic as well as foreign tourists.
Kelaghagh dam
Kelaghagh dam is the most beautiful dam on Chhinda river in Simdega. The dam is surrounded by multiple hills which attracts tourists very much. There facility of boating through motor-boats and para-sailing. Kelaghagh dam also has a guest house for tourist accommodation.
Ram Rekha Dham
Ramrekha Dham is the most important tourist destination this area. It is situated at a picturesque place on top of a hill and every year there is a big fair during Kartik Purnima. It is said, that Lord Rama along with Sita and brother Laxman has visited this place and has left his mark (Foot prints)there. Some archaeological structures like agni kund, charan paduka, sita chulha, gupt ganga etc. shows that during Banwas period they followed this path.The Kaisalpur-Birugarh Royal family discovered and developed this place.
Dangadi is a lovely and wonderful scenically place. It is situated in block Bolba. A beautiful waterfall attracts the visitors. It is developed as picnic spot. It is 45 km from simdega and 25 km from Kersai.
Ketunga Dham
Ketunga Dham situated in Bano, Simdega is very important historical place. According to Archaeological survey of India(ASI) the place belonged to Buddha Period. At Ketunga Dham many statues of Buddha were found.Emperor Ashoka established these statues while returning to Pataliputra after the Kalinga War.
Rajadera is situated in Thethaitanger, Simdega. There exists beautiful waterfall on Chhinda river. It is known as a picturesque picnic spot.
Bhairo Baba Pahari
Bhairo Baba Pahari is a cave situated in Phulwatanger in Simdega. It attracts visitors as the Cave resembles a human being.
Bhanwar Pahar
Bhanwar Pahar is in Kolebira. It is known for the presence of Black bees . In ancient age these bees were used by the soldiers.Flowers of Gulaitchi on the small hill is nature’s gift to villagers living in the small houses on the hill. A pond exists in between the stones on the hills and surprisingly it’s full of water in all seasons.
Mazar of Anjan Peer Saheeb
The mazar of Anjaam Peer Saheeb is inside the premises of Kolebira police station. This is a great symbol of harmony, social policing and perhaps a single example of a mazar inside a Police Station. Yearly Urs fair is organised here, and people of all communities participate and pray for peace.
Bandurga is the holy place of Goddess of Shakti and situated in Bolba Block in Simdega . This place is also a renowned picnic spot.
Notable individuals
1.Sylvanus Dung Dung, Former Hockey player and Olympic gold medallist, 1980 Moscow Olympics.
2.Michael Kindo, Former Hockey player and Olympic bronze medallist.
3.Asunta Lakra, Captain, India Women’s Hockey Team.